4 Traders Lane

TRADERS LANEThe house was purchased in 1946 by Richard and Edna Williams. The family carefully refurnished the house and spent each summer here for over thirty years. In 1977, their daughter Muriel became the owner. She continued her parents’ sensitive approach, repairing but never changing historic features. As she witnessed rapid chinterior 4 Traders Laneange to Nantucket’s historic houses in the 1990s, Muriel decided to place 4 Traders Lane under a preservation easement to ensure its protection and enjoyment for future generations. Besides saving the house, which is one of the most intact and finest examples of the Typical Nantucket House, Muriel protected the large side yard that is an important garden and open space for the entire Fish Lot neighborhood. Today, the third generation of the Williams family (Billi and Bobby Gosh) continues the family tradition of stewardship.