Who We Are

The NPT is a nonprofit, membership-based organization with a focus
on the preservation of the island’s historic architecture. We provide programs that explore the architecture and history of the island, and strive to increase awareness of the importance and fragility of our architectural heritage. Of special concern are Nantucket’s historic interiors that are not protected by local government regulations and are often threatened by insensitive “gut rehabs.”

OUR MISSION: To preserve the island’s unique architectural heritage for the benefit of present and future generations.

OUR VISION: Ten years from now, as the Nantucket Preservation Trust celebrates its 30th anniversary, it will be a highly valued local and nationally recognized authority and resource center for the recognition, protection, and preservation of Nantucket’s historic buildings and streetscapes. The NPT

  • Will provide vibrant local educational and cultural programming and events, anchored by its significant easement and scholarship programs and a variety of workshops for preservation professionals and non-professionals.
  • Will be comprised of a vital, growing, diverse, and multi-generational membership which will include individuals, organizations and businesses, both local and national, who actively support NPT’s legacy by supporting the integrity of Nantucket’s historic architectural identity.

Our focus is preserving the island’s architectural heritage

Other island organizations focus on the island’s history, its flora, fauna and open spaces, but there is no other nonprofit organization whose primary concern is the preservation of Nantucket’s unique historic resources.

Although preserving the appearance and context of our historic buildings is central to Nantucket’s economic and social appeal, the affluence of the past decade has posed new threats. Gut rehabs destroy centuries of historic elements and insensitive new construction and build-out in the historic cores’ threatens our historic streetscapes. Each year scores of historic properties are altered without considering the irreplaceable qualities that led to the Nantucket’s designation as a National Historic Landmark.

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