10 Martins Lane

When Ken Jennings and Al Messina first saw inside the lean-to house at 10 Martins Lane in 2017, they felt they had found an “untouched gem” and jumped at the chance to purchase it. The home, built on Fair Street in 1756 and moved to Martins Lane in 1801, had been owned by the same family for 75 years and used exclusively as a summer home. Jennings and Messina recently completed a renovation and restoration of the home to allow for year-round Nantucket living. Projects included installing central heating and restoring the home’s four fireplaces to working condition. All historic floors, windows, trim, and hardware were restored and retained. The home’s narrow winder staircase in the front entry was retained, but, to allow for easier access to the second floor, a more accessible staircase was added at the rear of the home by extending a dormer. A porch addition was converted into a first-floor bedroom, and a new porch was added. The bedroom addition and stair alteration were done sensitively in order to maintain the home’s scale and exterior appearance from the street, and the project won NPT’s Historical Renovation Award in 2020.

Explore more with this 3D House tour, with thanks the Giguere Interactive!