House Histories

Every historic Nantucket house has a story. A House History will follow the evolution of your house from its origin to the present. Deeds, plot plans, probate and cemetery records, family papers, town records, newspapers and census records are just a sampling of the sources investigated.

A NPT House History gives you a record of your house through time. Each history is beautifully illustrated with drawings, historic photographs and/or maps from the collection of the Nantucket Historical Association.

The story of your Nantucket house will be preserved in our island’s history. As part of the Nantucket Preservation Trust’s educational mission, copies of the histories produced by NPT are presented to the Nantucket Historical Association and the Nantucket Atheneum for inclusion in their research collection.

View the NPT House Histories Collection

Brief History & House Marker

The NPT Brief History includes a one-page narrative of the history of your home, a chain of title, and a selection of historic photographs and/or maps. The Brief History is presented in a six to eight page professionally printed pamphlet and is sold in combination with a NPT House Marker.

Cost: $1,500

Approximately 30 pages in length, the NPT House Genealogy is ideal for the owner of a historic house. Each genealogy, in a 7X7 inch format, includes a thoroughly researched narrative, with a selection of photographs and maps that illustrate your house, its owners and your neighborhood.

Cost: $5,000, please allow six-to-eight months for completion.

View a sample house genealogy chapter in the standard format (PDF).

The Comprehensive House History

Approximately 75 pages in length, the NPT Comprehensive History is ideal for a landmark building  or property where extensive documentation is available. Each Comprehensive History, in an 8X10 format, includes an architectural description, a glossary of architectural terms and a time line of local, national and world events. One of our hand-carved, painted wooden NPT House Markers, with the name of the original owner and date of construction of your home, is also included and can be displayed on the exterior of your house.

Cost: $12,000,  a portion of this fee is tax-deductible. Please allow eight to twelve months for completion.

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