Friday Find: 1998 NPT Newsletter!

This week while organizing old files we found our very first newsletter dating back to 1998 and yes you read that right “newsletter” meaning one that was physically mailed! You may be surprised to read and it see that some things haven’t changed much but on the other hand some have drastically. Today we no longer mail a regular newsletter but send a monthly e-newsletter to all NPT members and those who opt-in (click here if you’d like to join). The fact that the newsletter is no longer mailed but something you receive in your “inbox” isn’t the only major change you may realize when reading the Volume I NPT Newsletter below. Below we’ve highlighted a few changes we felt should be highlighted:

  • Method of delivery mailing versus emailing
  • Graphic changes – color and videos compared to black and white
  • Types of programs mainly collaborations and talks compared to large scale events
  • Staff growth and changes (one Executive Director vs. three staff members)
  • MAJOR growth of board members – 8 to 25!
  • Change of office location and even the mailing address
  • The amount of text used compared to photo and video use

A few things have remained the same. Did you notice one of the board members listed Caroline Ellis is still one the board today. The annual meeting location listed in the 1998 newsletter ironically was the same this past year, The Sconset Chapel. Some things haven’t changed; however it’s amazing to see the NPT’s grown over the past 16 years just by looking at our first newsletter. The complete newsletter is available to view below.