Friday Find: Hidden Treasures!


This week’s “Friday Find” features an actual find, a miniature children’s book and teacup! The items were discovered in the ceiling of a The Carlisle House Inn an eighteenth-century building located at 26 North Water Street.IMG_2343 Owner, Heather Sheldon hired a carpenter to work on the ceiling of the inn’s second floor suite. After uncovering the ceiling he discovered two small objects and this is when the buildings’ treasures were revealed! The photos below feature the two items, a small book titled: Katie and The Cup of Cold Water and a miniature teacup.

Every house has a story to tell and artifacts like these help to discover it. We are in the process of completing a House History for  26 North Water Street, The Carlisle House Inn. Once completed, these artifacts may have an owner’s name or even a date of when they’re from. You never know what your House History may reveal, discover yours today! Click Here