Friday Find: Is it a Church or a Home?

1D274907613907-119-nagle-st-harrisburg.blocks_desktop_largeA passerby of 119 Nagel Street, Harrisburg PA, especially on a Sunday may expect to see church goers exiting or entering the building. Today the chances of this are very slim, considering it is now home to Tony and Carolyn Sangrey. Originally built in 1876 it ran under the name Nagle Street Church of God until becoming a Mennonite church called Peace Chapel in the early 1980’s. It wasn’t until 2002 when Tony and Carolyn purchased it that the building was converted into a residence.

10263261-01-altLocated in a historic district they felt it was important to properly convert the space into their new home by preserving elements of its original use. Main features of the church were therefore preserved, with special attention taken to the stained glass windows. Each day the Sangrey’s enter their home through a door underneath the original stained glass window and welcome sign “Peace Chapel Welcome”. The windows installed in 1923 are now protected on the exterior and visible throughout the home.

10263261-11-altThe interior was kept open to maintain the original style of the church. It features re-purposed pews, which line the living room wall and now face a pool table. At 3,085 sq. ft. the building’s interior consists of three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a dining room, loft, open living room and a large modern kitchen. The Sangrey’s bedroom is located in what used to be the church’s choir loft and the church’s office has been converted into a bathroom. The photos below depict the open interior and modern day conveniences, which were added to convert the church into a residence for two. If you’re interested in purchasing and living in a unique setting than you may be happy to hear, 119 Nagel Street is currently on the market listed at $259,900. To learn more about the property click here10263261-17-alt 10263261-03-alt 10263261-06-alt1D274907613716-peace-chapel-bath2.blocks_desktop_large