Friday Find: Madaket Millie Memorabilia!

This week we found some amazing Madaket Millie memorabilia! To be technically correct, we were generously gifted items by the current property owners of 343/345 Madaket Road, which is home to infamous Madaket Millie’s shack. Mildred Carpenter Jewitt, who later became known as Madaket Millie was born in 1907 and passed away on the island in 1990. She left behind quite a legacy and was an island celebrity. Many may remember or have heard the stories of island curmudgeon, Madaket Millie!


Living her entire life on the island’s west end with very few trips off-island Millie served as Madaket Harbor’s watch guard. Ironically she disliked water and could not swim but was eventually was given the honorary rank of chief warrant officer. She helped rescued ships and it has been noted killed a 300 lb shark, with a pitchfork!

92af9c0b70b578011266be7c34f16792The term “crusty” has been used to describe her; however those who truly knew the island celebrity knew Millie was full of love. She cared for her neighbors (one being Mr. Rogers) and was a passionate animal lover. Millie not only guarded the seas but was known to be a master at shucking scallops and briefly an ice-cream shop owner.

6c-1The memorabilia includes items such as her blood donor card, personal love letters, Christmas cards, personal photographs, newspaper clippings and more! A raffle package containing items will be raffled off  at the August Fete. This year’s event will feature Nantucket’s historic village, Madaket. The tent site will be located on the property, where Madaket Millie’s shack still stands and along with her scallop shanty will be available to tour along with historic Madaket cottages. Are you interested in owning a piece of Nantucket’s history and experiencing what life may have been like for Madaket Millie?! Be sure to purchase tickets to the 2015 August Fete (for more information click here).