Friday Find: Preserve recipes…

Preservation, what does it mean to you?

Webster notes to “preserve” means:
to keep (something) in its original state or in good condition
to keep (something) safe from harm or loss
to prevent (food) from decaying

For the culinary minded out there we decided to ask you to find your favorite “preservation recipes”. Nantucket is fortunate to have a climate that allows for cranberries, blueberries and beach-plums to thrive and that are ideal for canning and preserving, but there are many other types of preserve food. Starting today or Now through June 1 we’ll be accepting any recipe that has a “preservation” theme (jams, pickles etc.) or a recipe with a highlighted preserved ingredient. All recipes will be featured on our website in June—Nantucket’s Preservation Month. We’ll be testing them out or will accept prepared recipes (55 Main Street – 3rd floor) and our favorite will receive a special reward! Below are recipes to give you some ideas (click photos for recipe).
We encourage you to join in the fun and to explore what preservation means on Nantucket as we celebrate National Preservation Month. To submit your recipe(s) click here

Jalapeno Bread & Butter Pickles
Fruit Preserve Sandwich Cookies
Sour Cherry Preserves


Thanks to our membership bag sponsor, Bartlett’s Farm you can purchase locally made preserves right here on island and even use them to make a delicious muffin (Recipe courtesy of: Maryjane Mojer, Market Manager)

muffin recipe


– Marisa Holden