NPT Welcomes 2013 Interns

The Nantucket Preservation Trust is pleased to welcome our 2013 Interns, Kelly Perkins and Kara Livintas. The NPT’s intern are students at The Preservation Institute Nantucket (PIN) field school, which is in affiliation with The University of Florida’s Historic Preservation Program. For more information regarding PIN please click here.

Kelly Perkins is from Longwood, Florida. She attended New York University for her undergraduate studies in history, journalism, and art history. During her time at NYU, Kelly spent time abroad in Florence, Italy and Prague, Czech Republic, focusing on journalism, historic preservation, and art history. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts, Kelly decided to pursue her knowledge in historic preservation, and in May 2013, she received her master’s degree in historic preservation from the University of Florida. While attending UF, Kelly attended a global heritage studio in Indonesia, where she focused on developing a heritage tourism program for West Sumatra. Kelly first came to Nantucket two years ago to attend the Preservation Institute: Nantucket, one of the oldest preservation-minded field schools in the United States. She returned to Nantucket to work at the Nantucket Preservation Trust to expand her knowledge in non-profit organizations, increase her research skills, and enjoy the summer on this beautiful island.

Kara Livitinas is a second year Master’s student in the University of Florida’s Historic Preservation Program in Gainesville, Fl. With a Bachelor’s degree in Interior Design from Pratt Institute, Kara uses her pragmatic design skills to find creative solutions for preservation issues. It was at Pratt that her interest in preservation developed. For her senior thesis she proposed a solution to reuse Philip Johnson’s 1964 World’s Fair NY State Pavilion. Currently, her area of study focuses on community engagement strategies to help involve local stakeholders in adaptive use projects for historic structures within their own neighborhoods. She has been fortunate enough to study design and preservation in the US, Europe and Southeast Asia. As a Philidelphia native, she hopes to return north to begin her career in the Historic Preservation field at the end of this year. 

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