Past Preservation Award Recipients

The Caroline A. Ellis Landscape & Garden Award

The Creeks Preserve, The Nantucket Islands Land Bank and Lucille Hays, 174 Orange Street, 2022
The Siasconset Union Chapel, Michael Van Valkenburgh Landscape Architects, and Champoux Landscape, 18 New Street, ’Sconset, 2021
Russell & Marian Morash, 2020
Florence Merriam Hill (posthumously), 2019
Mariann Berg (Hundahl) Appley, 69 Main Street, 2018
Dale Gary, Town Arborist, 2017
Paula Lundy Levy, Tuck’t In: A Walking tour of Historic Prospect Hill Cemetery  2016
Nantucket Conservation Foundation, 2014
Nantucket Garden Club, Main Street Horse Fountain, 2013
Charlotte and MacDonald Mathey, Hedged About, ’Sconset, 2012
Dr. and Mrs. John Espy, 4 New Dollar Lane, 2011
Marilyn Whitney, Moors End, 19 Pleasant Street, 2010
Caroline Ellis, ’Sconset Trust, Sankaty Head Lighthouse, 2009

Traditional Building Methods Award

Colin Evans, Mason, 2022
Valley Restoration and the South Church Preservation Fund, 2021
Ben Moore, Carpenter, 2020
Newton Millham, Blacksmith, 2019
Wayne Morris, Mason, 2018
John Wathne, Structures North, 2017
Brian FitzGibbon, window restoration, 2016
David Bergquist, Bergquist Masonry LLC, 2014
Sam and Ellen Phelan, property owners; Twig Perkins, contractor, 65 Pleasant Street, 2013
Curtis Livingston, 18 India Street, 2012
Michael Burrey, timber framer, 2011
Pen Austin, plaster and lime-mortar expert, 2010

The John A. and Katherine S. Lodge Stewardship Award

Nantucket Pharmacy, Allan Bell, 45 Main Street, 2022
The Phelan Family, 57-65 Pleasant Street, 2021
Pacific Club Directors, The Pacific Club, 15 Main Street, 2020
HallKeen Management, Academy Hill Apartments, 4 Westminster Street, 2020
Kristen Williams-Haseotes, Shanunga, 10 Broadway, Siasconset, 2019
The Harris Family, John Ray House, 8 Ray’s Court, 2018
The Rodts Family, Gardner House, 5 Broadway, 2017
Connie Umberger, Tristam Bunker House, 3 Bear Street, 2017
Liz Hillger, Richard Gardner II House, 139 Main, 2017
The Noyes Family, Major Josiah Coffin House, 90 North Liberty, 2017
Gwenn and Mark Snider, Nantucket Hotel, 2016
Liz Coffin and Matt & Sheila Fee, 106 Main Street Facade, 2016
Jason Tilroe, 75 Main Street, 2015
Muriel Williams, posthumously, 4 Traders Lane, 2014
St. Paul’s Church in Nantucket, Stained-Glass Restoration, 2013
Nantucket Historical Association, Photographic Image Archive, 2012
Fremont-Smith family, Atlantic House, ’Sconset, 2011
Margaret Yates Berkheimer, posthumously, 8 Pine Street, 2010
Sanford Kendall, numerous carpentry projects, 2009
Clarissa Porter, 5 Quince Street, 2008
Katherine S. Lodge, 94 Main Street, 2008

Architectural Preservation Award

Karli & Jim Hagedorn, 34 West Chester Street, 2022
Whitney Lucks & Karl Schneider, 84 Main Street, 2021
The Museum of African American History, Boston-Higginbotham House and Outbuildings, 27 York Street, 2020
Jeffrey Paduch and Caroline Hempstead, 86 Main Street, 2019
Hospital Thrift Shop, 17 India Street, 2018
Siasconset Union Chapel Board of Trustees, 2017
Virginia Andrews, George Gray LLC, 55 Union Street, 2016
Nantucket Historical Association, Old Gaol, 2015
Ed and Joan Lahey, 7 Farmer Street, 2014
Michelle Elzay, Sparrow Design, 43 Pine Street, 2013
Maria Mitchell Association, Maria Mitchell Birthplace, 2012
South Church Preservation Fund, 11 Orange Street, 2011
Lucy Dillon, property owner; Steve Lindsay, contractor, 37 Liberty Street, 2010
reMain Nantucket, Mitchell’s Book Corner, 2009
Valerie and Richard Norton, numerous projects, 2008
Bernie and Carol Coffin, ’Sconset Post Office, 2007
Ginger Ivey, 8 Cottage Avenue, ’Sconset, 2007

Historical Renovation Award*

*Award category added in 2013
Sherry Lefevre; Bill Willet, 30 Pine Street, 2021
Ken Jennings and Al Messina; Sandcastle Construction, Inc., 10 Martins Lane, 2020
Keith and Elizabeth Roe; Michael Sweeney Construction, 51 B Centre Street, 2019
Alec and Bridgid Lamon, The Helm, 6 Evelyn Street, Siasconset, 2019
Paula McLeod and Jamie Pfaff, 29 Liberty Street, 2015
Angus and Deb MacLeod, Angus MacLeod Designs; Johnson, Stockton and Jones families, property owners, for 9, 12, 14, and 15 Pochick Street, ’Sconset, 2013

New Construction Award

*Award category added in 2015
George and Nell Wilson, 39 Main Street, Siasconset, 2019
Emeritus Development & Nantucket Yacht Club, 4 South Beach Street, 2018
Bentley & Churchill Architects, 5 Grand Ave, 2017
Robert and Martha Lipp, 251 Polpis Road, 2015

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