Scholarship funds awarded to: Chris O’Reilly

We are happy to announce the first full-time scholarship totaling $47,736 has been awarded to Nantucket resident Chris O’Reilly who will attend the North Bennet Street School’s two-year preservation carpentry program. This is the second scholarship funds to have been awarded in 2014 but the first for a full-time program.The Mary Helen and Michael Fabacher Scholarshipwill allow O’Reilly to begin his education at the Boston institution this September.

Mary Helen and Michael Fabacher
Mary Helen and Michael Fabacher

The Mary Helen and Michael Fabacher Scholarship was established to encourage and promote traditional building methods essential for the preservation of Nantucket’s historic architecture and to provide education opportunities to increase knowledge of these important crafts. It was designed to assist high school graduates looking to enter the construction field with the intention of returning to the island to practice their traditional building skills, and the island building trade person interested in perfecting old skills or in learning new ones. The scholarship is specifically tailored for those looking to attend the premiere woodworking school: The North Bennett Street School and its two-year comprehensive Preservation Carpentry program.

O’Reilly grew up and now resides on the island where he has worked alongside plaster, Pen Austin, Nathan Killeen, Sanford Kendal and most recently restoration carpenter, Michael Burrey. O’Reilly along with Burrey this past spring spent time in London, England where they worked hewing timbers for the Tower of London. “It was an extremely rewarding experience and I’m so happy to be able to say that I helped out in the rebuilding of a stairwell at the Tower of London. These stairs should last anywhere between 70 to 100 years. I can’t wait to see them up next time I get over there,” said Chris. His passion for the island and experiences working with experienced preservationists has lead him to strive for further education. We hope upon completion of the two-year program O’Reilly’s new skills will help further our goal, “To preserve our architectural heritage for present and future generations to enjoy.”

The scholarship program is in place to support future generations in their endeavors to preserve Nantucket’s architectural past. To learn more about the program or apply today click here