Welcoming new board members

We would like to welcome the following five new board members and thank our past board members, Marcia Richards and Lydia Sussek for their hard work. You will both be missed! The new board members each have shown to be strong supporters of Nantucket’s architectural preservation. Read below to see how the answered the question:

Why is the Nantucket Preservation Trust important to you?

Al ForsterAmForster_Photo“Nantucket’s beauty and history are wrapped together most visibly in the island’s buildings. Working together to protect our architecture for future generations is one of the most important things we can do.” 

Anne Troutman  anne troutman
“Selecting and implementing appropriate strategies to protect and reveal the many layers of history tucked into Nantucket’s historic architecture is a delicate business requiring careful consideration, commitment, and expertise. The NPT, through its educational programs, growing resources, and partnerships is engaging these issues on all levels from the big picture to the hands-on, and helping bring Nantucket into the spotlight as a national resource for training, education and expertise in architectural preservation.

Michael EricksenNantucket Preservation Trust Kitchen Tour, Quince and Hussey streets, Nantucket, MA July 17, 2014“I realized the importance of the NPT through the history it prepared of our recently purchased Nantucket home. Knowing the 290 year story of our home enabled my wife and I to renovate it in a thoughtful manner.  It had to be renovated to make it safe, and the information NPT gave us allowed us to highlight, not lose, its history.” 

  Michelle Elzaymichelle elzay“I think it is important, as Americans, to acknowledge that even as a very young country we have an architectural legacy worth saving and protecting. I love both Nantucket and old houses I am pleased to be a part of the NPT’s preservation efforts that will aid in preserving both the architectural and therefore social history of our historic buildings.” 

Barbara Halsted barbara halsted“Both my education and profession have taught me to love historic American architecture and decorative arts. I have spent the last 20 years working in Nantucket homes and I understand the importance of balancing preservation with contemporary family life. I’m looking forward to working with NPT to help more homeowners to achieve that goal.”