55 Union Street

Untitled-1Chances are you have driven past 55 Union Street numerous times and may or may not have given it a second glance. The historic building dates back to 1835 and has been in desperate need of a restoration for quite some time. We are so happy to announce its new owners are true preservationists at heart: Michelle Elzay and Pen Austin. Elzay has been an active NPT member for many years and recently joined the NPT board. She is co-owner of Sparrow Design a Branding and Interior Design Company with her husband Matthew Brannon and understands the need for preservation projects,

“I think it is important, as Americans, to acknowledge that even as a very young country we have an architectural legacy worth saving and protecting. I love both Nantucket and old houses I am pleased to be a part of the NPT’s preservation efforts that will aid in preserving both the architectural and therefore social history of our historic buildings.”

She has taken on the latest preservation venture with partner Pen Austin. Austin is an expert craftsman in architectural finishes, plaster and lime. She has a true passion for her work and is committed to proper restoration practices. Austin has worked on many historic Nantucket buildings including: 9 New Mill Street, 60 Cliff Road, 18 India Street, and institutions such as the Maria Mitchell House and the Unitarian Meeting House. We will be documenting the restoration progress from start to finish. The photos below feature the beginning phases and were taken on November, 11th.

Stayed tuned for updates!

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