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2020 Preservation Award Nominations are Now Closed. 

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Each year the Nantucket Preservation Trust recognizes individuals and organizations that advance the cause of historic preservation on Nantucket. Awards are provided for preservation work on historic buildings and landscapes, and for the protection and stewardship of island resources. NPT’s Preservation Awards program is designed to show that a building or landscape can be sensitively updated while maintaining and preserving its historic integrity. In general, the NPT Preservation Awards emphasize proper preservation, showcase the island’s craftspeople, and reveal the foresight of owners who care about our historic structures and landscape.

Preservation can be defined as the act or process of applying measures to sustain the existing form, integrity, and materials of a historic resource.

Stewardship is the act of maintaining a historic resource at a high level of long-term preservation.
Awards are granted in the following categories*:

Historical Renovation Award
The Historical Renovation Award recognizes the owner(s) of a historic structure, and when appropriate one or more members of building professionals who assisted in the design and completion of a sensitive new addition to a historic structure. Projects should strictly adhere to the guidelines found in Building With Nantucket in Mind.

Architectural Preservation Award:
The Architectural Preservation Award recognizes the owner(s) of a historic structure, and when appropriate one or more members of building professionals who assisted in the completion of the preservation project. Structures may contain additions that are compatible with the historic sections and include exterior and interior work. In order to qualify for the award, preservation of those portions or features that convey the property’s historical, cultural or architectural values is required.

Landscape Award:
The Caroline A. Ellis Landscape Award recognizes the owner (s) of a historic landscape, and when appropriate one or more individuals associated with the property such as landscape professionals. The award recognizes the careful stewardship or preservation of a Nantucket landscape associated with a historic structure or area, or the completion of a new design that enhances the historic fabric of the community.

Stewardship Award:
The John A. and Katherine Lodge Stewardship Award recognizes an individual, organization or owner(s) of historic property who demonstrate a high degree of commitment to the preservation of the structure(s) and the island. An individual who maintains a historic property or who has played an important part in the preservation of Nantucket also can be nominated for this award.

Traditional Building Methods Award:
The Traditional Building Method Award recognizes craftspeople who promote traditional building methods or who have made a major contribution to the field of historic preservation on island. Recipients must demonstrate a long-time commitment to one or more traditional building methods such as plastering, carpentry, masonry using lime-mortar, or decorative painting.

New Construction Award:
The New Construction Award recognizes buildings constructed following the principals of the HDC and the guidelines of Building With Nantucket in Mind.

*The awards committee reserves the right to move nominees into different categories, award multiple nominees within a category or decline granting an award if no deserving nominations have been submitted for a certain category. 

Past Award Recipients

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