Preservation Easement Properties

Easement Properties bear the NPT Marker with an additional gold painted border.
They include the following:

First Congregational Church 62 Centre Street
Quaker Meeting House 7 Fair Street
The Nantucket Atheneum 1 India Street
Jabez Bunker/Prince Gardner House 85 Main Street
Captain Thaddeaus Coffin House 89 Main Street
Hadwen-Wright House 94 Main Street
Thomas Starbuck House 11 Milk Street
Rescome Palmer House 9 New Mill Street
George Gardner House 8 Pine Street
Nathaniel Hussey House 5 Quince Street
Captain Peleg Bunker House 4 Traders Lane
Maria Mitchell Birthplace 1 Vestal Street
Admiral Sir Isaac Coffin Lancasterian School 4 Winter Street
Higginbotham House 27 York Street
Greater Light Howard Street
1800 House 4 Mill Street
Fire Host Cart House 8 Gardner Street

Nantucket Home 2015 fall issue: The Hadwen-Wright House