Friday Find: It’s not “Goodbye” it’s “See you later”

July marked a big turning point for the NPT; saying goodbye to longtime board members and welcoming two new members. It’s always sad to see board members depart, however we are happy to say all are still strong supporters and forces behind our mission. Departing members are: Kathy Arvay, Christopher Mortenson, Thomas Richards, Nancy Forster and Ethan McMorrow. The past board members were all asked the same question and we found their responses worthy of sharing. Read below for their response to the question,

“What do you feel was the most important accomplishment or contribution you achieved during your time as an NPT board member and if not something you specifically accomplished, something the organization did?”

Nancy Forster (2003 – 2015)

nancy“I am honored to have served on a board as dedicated and hard-working as the NPT. The organization has grown significantly since I joined the board in 2003, both in terms of the breadth of its programs and in the depth of support among private individuals and business sponsors. There seems to be a heightened awareness of the importance of preserving Nantucket’s architectural heritage but there is still much to be done and time is not on our side. I look forward to continuing to help the NPT in any way that I can in the years to come.”



Kathy Arvay (2009 – 2015)

“As chair of events for 6 years I think I helped the NPT to develop the annual Kitchen Tours and Fetes  into more successfull and interesting events.  The greatest achievement was reaching out to other communities on the island to make new friends and hopefully gain new members, It was very rewarding to see the organization grow exponentially in those 6 years.”





Christopher Mortenson (2003 – 2015)

chris“I think our biggest accomplishment was the awards program. It raised our visibility in the community and also improved our image from people who object to things to a group that celebrates doing things right.”






Thomas Richards (2009 – 2015)

“A solid financial foundation is critical to NPT’s ability to deliver on its mission. While the treasurer doesn’t raise the funds, it’s job is to safeguard those assets to assure sufficient resources are available to achieve organization goals.  During my six years with the board, we implemented a forecasting regimen that added clarity to our financial status, allowed us to establish an operating reserve and provided for a board-sponsored contribution to our scholarship fund.”





-Marisa Holden, Events and Marketing Coordinator

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