Filmmakers Seeking Historic Filming Locations

Kingdom County Productions (KCP), Semester Cinema, and Jay Craven are preparing to make their fourth movie on Nantucket.  Semester Cinema is a non-profit experiential learning program where 28 professionals mentor and collaborate with 44 students from 14 colleges – to make an ambitious, fully-professional film for national release.  

Nantucket high schoolers participate in the program as interns in various departments, and have for years. Director Craven also works each year with island students, through his Nantucket Young Playwrights program, to write short plays that get performed at the Nantucket Book Festival. 

This spring, they will be filming a movie titled “Lost Nation,” set in New England during the American Revolution. The crew is currently seeking appropriate island filming locations, especially 18th and 19th century houses and forested areas. Interior shooting would involve just a room or two, for a day or two. The filmmakers promise to take good care, and location agreements provide insurance and ensure return of properties to their original locations. Location donors receive free tickets and profuse thanks in the end credits.

According to producer David Zieff, “Our film shoots resemble barn-raisings, since community participation is essential as filmmakers turn downtown into an off-season campus and movie set that helps students get their start. Great locations are essential – and we’re also looking for extras, volunteers and fundraising support.”

Filmmaker Jay Craven’s most recent island film, “Martin Eden,” was shot here and will be screened on island in February.

If you are interested in your Nantucket property being a part of “Lost Nation,” contact David Zieff for additional information, at (508) 221-8982 or

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