Nuts & Bolts: Green

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The first “Nuts & Bolts” Segment aired yesterday, May 5th. Did you miss it or not catch the entire segment? Luckily, we’ll be providing a recap of the week’s segment along with a photograph posted here. You can read more about the first segment below and check back each week to keep updated.

May 5th & 9th Segment

Lean-To House
The Lean-To House an example of a slopping roof that provided extra protection from the cold

Did you know that Nantucket’s early builders were ‘green’? Houses built before the mid eighteenth century were oriented towards the south so their windows could capture as much solar energy and warmth as possible. Chimneys were located near the center of the house to reduce heat lost and help radiate heat from the core out to the living spaces. A long sloping roof along the north side, known as a cat-slide or lean-to roof, directed the north wind up and over the dwelling and added extra protection from the cold. As you travel the lanes in town you will see the oldest houses are usually on the north side of the streets—the choice lots to capture the sun’s southern rays.