Salvage and Building Material Reuse Workshop

We’re excited to host a Salvage and Building Material Reuse Workshop on Wednesday, September 27, from 3 to 6 PM, at the Nantucket Whaling Museum, 13 Broad Street, and livestreamed. The workshop is free and open to the public, but advance registration is required. Note: as of September 26, we are at capacity for the in-person event. Click here to access the livestream.

The workshop will explore Nantucket’s past, present, and potential future of architectural salvage and reuse. Mae Bowley, Executive Director of Re:Purpose Savannah, will give the keynote presentation about her work deconstructing buildings, documenting historic structures, and salvaging materials for resale and reuse in Savannah, Georgia.

Full Event Schedule

3:00 PM: Welcome & Introductions (Mary Bergman, Executive Director of Nantucket Preservation Trust, and Virna Gonzalez, Project and Marketing Manager, ReMain Nantucket)

3:15 PM: Shipwrecks and Salvage on Old Nantucket (Mary Bergman and Holly Backus, Preservation Planner, Town of Nantucket)

3:30 PM: Building Deconstruction & Material Reuse: We Need MIRACLES (Vince Murphy, Sustainability Programs Manager, Town of Nantucket)

3:50 PM: 15 minute break

4:05 PM: Materials Matter: Embodied Carbon Gets Its Day in the Sun (Andy Buccino, Energy Division Director, Stephens and Company, Inc.)

4:20 PM: Nantucket Building Materials Salvage Study (John Livermore, Principal for Sustainability Services, EBP)

4:45 PM: Re:Purpose Savannah (Mae Bowley, Executive Director, Re:Purpose Savannah)

5:25 PM: Breakout Conversations

5:50 PM: Reconvene

This event is made possible through generous underwriting support from ReMain Nantucket.

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