Now Accepting Nominations for the 2018 Preservation Awards!


Winter on Nantucket means a slower pace of life for many, but not for the island’s craftspeople. As you drive around the island and consider the many building projects, perhaps you know of one that highlights commitment to historic preservation. We want to know about it!

Each year, the Nantucket Preservation Trust recognizes individuals and organizations that advance the cause of historic preservation on Nantucket. Awards are provided for preservation work on historic buildings and landscapes, and for the protection and stewardship of island resources.

NPT’s Preservation Awards program is designed to show that a building or landscape can be sensitively updated while maintaining and preserving its historic integrity. In general, the NPT Preservation Awards emphasize proper preservation, showcase the island’s craftspeople, and reveal the foresight of owners who care about our historic structures and landscape.

The NPT is accepting award nominations in the following categories from now until March 9, 2018:

  • Historical Renovation Award
  • Architectural Preservation Award
  • Landscape Award
  • Stewardship Award
  • Traditional Building Methods Award
  • New Construction Award

To learn more about these categories, past award winners, and to nominate a project or craftsperson, please visit:

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