St. Paul’s Church

Photo Credit St. Paul's Church Website
Photo Credit St. Paul’s Church Website


St. Paul’s Church was the recipient of this year’s Stewardship Award for the restoration of the church’s stained-glass windows.  St Paul’s was constructed in 1901 and over the years has seen the addition of stained-glass windows.  The windows were designed by three studios: Connick of Boston (north and south aisles); Willet of Philadelphia (clerestory windows in roof); and the original windows produced by Tiffany of New York City (altar and west end).   The restoration of these windows has included repair of frames, stained glass, identification of water infiltration, and remediation.  Contractors included: Cheney Brothers, Nantucket, for the installation of motors to open four clerestory windows;   Norton Preservation Trust, for the evaluation of water problems;   James Lydon, Sons & Daughters, for the repair of the bell tower/roof;   Wayne Morris, mason, for the repair of water-damaged walls; Westmill Preservation Services, Halifax, Massachusetts, for window-frame restoration; and Serpentino Stained & Leaded Glass, Inc., Needham, Massachusetts, for the restoration of stained glass.

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